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Press Coverage

November 21, 2009

Following the Royal College of Art Show, 100% Futures and 100% Design London as well as Dutch Design Week and Talent 2009 Show in Eindhoven several press coverages could be found. Those presented here are only those which kindly sent me their publications or .pdf files to show.

Workstation has gained a lot of attention in the internet blog community, It could be seen on Iconeye, Onoffice, Dezeen, Yanko Design, DesignSpotter, Design Addict, MoCo Loco, Trendhunter, Existing Visual, Ffffound, and over 50 other blogs following contemporary design around the world.

The ICON product yearbook – April 2010 (Europe)

WNĘTRZA KOMERCYJNE – January 2010 (Poland)

NEO2 – November 2009 (Spain)

ONoffice – November 2009 (UK)

ICON – November 2009 (UK)

My Home – November 2009 (Hong Kong)

Office & Facility – October 2009 (Poland)

ONoffice – September 2009 (UK)