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DSI – design scene investigation

February 10, 2009

I think many times the approach to workstation design is quite automatic. I could approach it to the Chinese uniform design. Hyper functionality makes it the machine to spend our active time by. I see nothing bad in ergonomics and efficiency but did not we forget about something I could call mental ergonomics which. Maybe I am exaggerating but I think that the way how we do improve the quality of our mental activities is important. This topic is already generally defined in ISO regulations.
Ergonomic principles related to mental work-load
ISO 10075:1991
ISO 10075-2:1996
ISO 10075-3:2004

Because we are similar mentally a human beings we do:
When we want to be focused – switch of the main light (that makes us separated visually from the rest of the surrounding) put the stoppers on our ears to cut off form the external sounds or play very ambient quiet music (there are differences between individuals though)
When we want to be more active we stay in light, (preferably natural sunlight) we listen to the rhythmic, faster and louder tunes to become more lively. Drinking coffee is relevant to both situations.
As I can see we can discern to ways of using the workspace: he open one when we interact with all the elements of the space and closed one when we focus on one only workspace usually the desktop. There are of course several stages between those two schemes.
From those points we can expand our deeper understanding of how we are functioning in space according to its space. Home workspace has this feature that we have better control over our surroundings than in the office and we can customize it freely.
Be careful though because too much freedom can make you too busy controlling instead of working.


Structure in the space studies sketches (influenced by Nucleus project)


Sketches analysing the possibility of two individuals working in ones space – creating more welcoming environment for professional having a business visitor.



Rhino sketch-rendering exploring  idea from the sketches above.


Scaled mock-ups


I have a feeling that people are treating me a bit like an alchemist trying to interlace some vague ideas in to the objects I am designing. Maybe it is somehow true but what is wrong with it? I have some of my very personal thoughts concerning some features which goes unnoticed but in the same time those thoughts are making the difference. One of those alchemical proposals of mine is the way we treat screens by the desk. They are very strong indicators of an office desk character. The thing that I personally do not digest in it hat it makes this flat awkward barrier for my sight and thoughts.

I would see the screens of any kind something more than the wall. If so I wold see it a an unusual walls.  Here I am presenting the curtain like screens which are dragging me inside and help me focus more on the place and working, thinking process.  The structure of this kind of a theatre of thoughts might be an on-desk fixture, flattish screen or a lampshade.







Inspiration – Torii gates (fot. by The Artist


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