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Research conclusions

February 6, 2009

Specificity of home environment . Quite a few things are coming into my mind when thinking about the specific of working at home. Working at home involves being mixed with ones home life, does not provide an option of being excluded like in case of being at work somewhere else, as such it would be good to have the space dedicated for work out of the rest of the home, room, flat. It gives one a possibility of escape from work when at home. Some of people do not have this comfort of having separate workshop, office, private room no matter how we name it. The possibility of successful concentration in the place when other people are leading their normal life is decreased in this case. It is possible, and people do it often when working, to put earphones or noise protectors on to be isolated from external noise. For some of those though it is not a problem when the level of the noise or its character allow to get used to it.

Business Visits. Before people started to travel to work they of course did their job nearby the place they lived, in surrounding buildings, or in special rooms, or chambers how they used to call it. They were dealing in their business spaces, stores, warehouses, offices located in their homes or by it side. Characteristic feature o nearly every profession is the fact of having business visitors. Not every place is suitable to undertake a guest ad even less is suitable to any kind of cooperation with this kind of guest. In most cases it a lo of visitors must deal with keeping their laptops n their knees, low coffee tables, squeeze in by the side of a host co-operator and lurking over the shoulder standing trying to see what the other one is trying to demonstrate. None of workstations I have seen is sitable to a kind of work involving both the host and customer in he way being convincing for both of them, equaly comfortable and giving the feel of being proessionally hosted.

Focusing on work depends on the distracting factors and their intensity. Some people find themselves distracted by the fact that someone is passing in their view range, some are not even distracted by the smell of food prepared by someone else. Some people are closing eyes to concentrate and some shorten their sight focus automatically to not to see sharply when thinking. Most of the people focus their attention when looking at the candle flame – it is very relaxing. Very focus-friendly I find layers putting themselves on, that the one sticks out behind the previous one symmetrically from both sides, like the curtains and layers of decorations in the theatre.

It draws us into the space visually and, in my opinion, is better to wok with than flat solid wall in front of the desk.

Other focusing techniques is having an opening in a solid surface one can observe what is behind and focus sight on the one far object. The other technique useful in front of the wall is having a mirror placed in a way that one can observe what is behind to allow having a far focus when working in front of the computer.

Quiet distractions. Other elements like fast moving objects and fast music, speeds one up when working and regular rhythm allows to work more rhythmically and smoothly over certain tasks.

If something is running to fast – an action plan, people sending next tasks shortly after the other or if we are somehow forced to glance at the running stopwatch in our sight range – we are becoming heavily stressed. We are very receptive creatures.

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