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Maciek’s Studio

October 29, 2012

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Up the stairs – Maciek in Urban Outfitters

September 3, 2010

Urban Outfitters are proud to be exhibiting the designs of Maciek Wojcicki, whose work has been considered to have similar brand qualities which will further develop store experience through creative engagement.

As a part of London Design Week, from September 18th until October 10th Urban Outfitters will host Maciek’s first ever solo exhibition since graduating from Royal College of Art. On the boutique floor of the Oxford Circus branch, Maciek will present a wide variety of objects including “L.O.F.T” workstation and “99g” hanging table which was shown in Milan, alongside brand new designs yet to be unveiled such as “Gap Light” lamp and ”Snooking Corner”.

Maciek’s work can be described as practical yet playful and customisable as objects are rarely used in one fixed way. Most of the exhibits are examples of new typologies, which do not yet exist in our cultural landscape.

Hotel RCA – Ventura Lambrate, Milan

April 20, 2010

Between 14th and 18th of April 2010 a show titled “HOTEL RCA” took place in a new area, competitive to Zona Tortona called Ventura Lambrate. The hotel show was arranged in two spaces, which used to be a part of Lambretta scooters factory and which were soon to be demolished by the owner. The name of the show gained an extra meaning because of the volcanic eruption, which trapped many of us in Milan, forcing us nearly to sleep in the space . Beside some problems with electricity in those halls an exhibition was successful and never empty. Even when the show had to be taken down few hours before the schedule, public was still flooding the show.  Additionally one of my former pieces, hanging papier-mache table for the train compartment was shown next door within the Lambretta Art Project gallery as a part of  “13.798 Grams Of Design” show, which was quite a high-profile exhibition with some renown names having their pieces shown there:

Barber & Osgerby, Fernando & Humberto Campana, Oscar Diaz, Konstantin Grcic, Gitta Gschwendtner,  Richard Hutten, Sjoerd Jonkers, Max Lamb, Arik Levy, Ross Lovegrove, Peter Marigold, Ben McCarthy, Nendo, Marc Newson, Fabio Novembre, Polka, Karim Rashid, Inga Sempé, Studio BetaTank, Kiki van Eijk, Marcel Wanders, Maciek Wojcicki

Here in the evening it could be really seen how cosy space was created in high ceiling building using the L.O.F.T furniture with its lighting features.

TALENT 2009, Eindhoven

October 5, 2009


Workstation has been chosen by Li Edelkoort, former chairwoman of design academy Eindhoven and art director of Designhuis to be shown at the Talent 2009 show in Designhuis – Eindhoven (Netherlands)  among other designers graduated this year out of 30 design schools in Europe. The aim of the exhibition is to get an overview of the state of affairs in design education and its future stars. Exhibition lasts between 17th  of October and 30 of November and is a part of Dutch Design Week (17-25 October)


100% Futures London

October 5, 2009

Fragment of an Interview for 100% Futures. Question: What is my inspiration


During London Design Festival L.O.F.T Workstation could be seen at 100% Futures show in Earl’s Court (24-27 September 2009) I would like to thank everyone who visited my stand during this intensive four days.

(Thanks for your help Veronica! 🙂

RCA Show 2009

June 20, 2009


L.O.F.T Workstation is a project of a flexible changeable structure, the simple construction of which serves for customization and interaction with workspace according to preferences of a user and demands of a currently performed task.


The structure consists of a few elements: main pillar which serves as a support for the ends of two lightweight rails on which the lighting and slider bars are placed on which supporting legs can be moved back and forward according to a spatial requirements. The rails can be moved around the pillar independently as they are sharing the pivot point at the end of each of them on the slider ring centered at the top of the main pillar.
Pillar, rails and rail-legs are all similarly grooved on the outside and horizontal parts. Those grooves are stabilizing features for accessories, like screens, boards, shelves and lighting, which can be mounted on the structure. Grooves are also a cable management feature which makes it easier to change construction settings without struggling to keep dangling cables in chosen place.

Workstation detail 1S

Lighting is a fluorescent, cold strip lighting in line fixtures of 4000 K light, which can be slid, exchanged, added to and removed from the rail easily without multiplying plugs and cables.

The entire structure may be disassembled without using any tools by one or two people. Grooves and openings are designed to be an easy and intuitive way of attaching accessories and adjusting the space with no need to drill the holes in the wall or ceiling or using ladders, by simple wedging, tying, hooking.
This way more functionality can be added, space divided and shrink in the workspace.

Workstation detail 2S

Worktop is easy to remove and put aside or hanged on the rail-leg wedged shelf equipped with hooks. Table legs, when not in use, can serve as shelves wedged on the rail legs.

Workstation detail 3S

Entire structure is made using simple methods out of beech wood, plywood, powder coated steel, chromed pipes, fabric, nylon straps, and machined acetal elements. The imagination of a user is the limit because versatility of the structure might make it even something else than the workspace if required.

Workstation detail 4S

This kind of flexible structure suits space restricted home offices, studios and conversion spaces where adjust ability and keeping elements near each other is essential.

Workstation detail 5S

Workstation detail 6S

I am happy to invite everyone  of you to see an RCA Show (26.06-05.07 2009) London, Kensington Gore, SW7 2EU

You can see there my finished version of a workstation and try it out.

I would like to thank all of You who visited the show and have seen my work and had a chat with me.

Photos of a final piece and of a process will soon be also available on this blog.

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