Brief Editing

To design a feature/features of the home workspace.

– Mind the differences between the specifics of the traditional office environment and its counterpart at home.

– Consider that many people working from home are self employed with disabilities. Try to move any complex activity to the suitable height.

– Think about the design of this object as designing the station enhanced in a way that helps you to reduce the amount of wiring at your desktop. Move the wiring on the side objects so eventually the desk becomes wireless (wireless mouse and keyboard). Than you could use practically any desk by this workstation.

– Consider removing any bonds joining table with the technology of the working environment to make it independent.

– Te tendency to design a desk to make it clutter free is chasing an utopia. What people do mostly by their desk is making it cluttered. Controlling the use of the desk is also hard to achieve. Explore the possibility of suggesting the function of the certain parts according to your observations.

– Home workstation cannot be devoid of its representative features. It has to be balanced form, trustful, elegant and solid looking structure.

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